In support of BIPOC

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We, the clinicians and staff of San Francisco Neuropsychology, stand firmly in solidarity with the Black community and vehemently condemn the police brutality we have repeatedly witnessed throughout our country, as well as the systematic racism that pervades our society and perpetuates these abuses. Racism has been found to negatively impact both the physical and psychiatric well-being of who those identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Therefore, we will do our duty as psychologists/neuropsychologists to support those in need.

San Francisco Neuropsychology is an organization and training institution that values and celebrates the diversity within our community. We are proud to serve our patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and we recognize our obligation to use our expertise in ways that acknowledge racial bias, sociopolitical context, and culturally normative values and expectations. We strive to bring high-quality services to those from marginalized populations, as we recognize the extent of pervasive health, political, and economic disparities for BIPOC.

As an institution, we commit ourselves to supporting local and national organizations that fight for social justice and lift the voices of those who are too often silenced. We vow to listen to the leaders of the Black community and follow their lead as we continue to fight for a just world. We will remain active in our professional groups and encourage specific action to dismantle racist systems and increase access to high quality health care through the publication of peer-reviewed research on culturally informed assessment and the presentation of culturally salient topics at international conferences. We are also committed to ongoing self-reflection, maintaining awareness of ongoing injustices, and emphasizing cultural competency in our trainees to support the development of actively anti-racist neuropsychologists.

We will not remain silent and we urge those within our community to stand with us to uplift BIPOC. For those who may be experiencing trauma or stressors in the wake of these tragedies, we urge you to reach out for support, engage in self-care and self-reflection, connect with family and friends, and seek professional help if you need it. We stand with you and support you.

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